Behind the Adventure
The Artist and Illustrator Of Yargmates!
Thy Dungeon Master
Asuvez isn’t the only character Crista plays and created. Recording each session from the get go; Crista’s been working on bringing our comic to life! Illustrating each character the team plays as, the comic pages, and even creating the entirety of this website. Without her we would be nothing but a bunch of nerds playing a table top game together. However; Yargmates isn’t the only thing she likes to draw. Ranging from original character designs, to fan art from video games, and much much more! She has a wide variety of artwork and all her pieces can be found on her DeviantArt page.
He’s the man in charge of it all. Dave strategically comes up with plot lines, characters, the entire adventure! He’s also got the largest list of character’s he plays such as; The Captain, Jasmine, Sebastian, Bones and so many more! Without his creative mind not only would we not have an epic adventure full of yargnanigans, but we wouldn’t have a game at all! And let’s face it what’s a crew without a captain to lead them?
© Yargmates! 2015. Crista Barr/Artist Genie