The Captain
The Captain of the Yargmates!
The Captains wife; Jasmine
The Captain of our mighty crew! no one knows his real name… they just call him Captain The Captain! Without the ability to question The Captain, He usually sends us to our next heading. He’s quite a spontaneous fellow too…so when he’s ready to go, you best remember to hold on..or you might get left behind…or worse dead!
There’s only one person who stands above The Captains commands..and that’s his wife; Jasmine. She’s a motherly figure who love’s children and adopted some of the crew at a young age as her children. However, when she gets mad and in a rampage you better hope you don’t roll an epic fail; you just might wind up at the bottom of the ocean!
© Yargmates! 2015. Crista Barr/Artist Genie