The TEAm!
The Doctor
The  Quarter Master
Taken in as a young child by the ships psychotic doctor, Bones;  Asuvez has learned the art of medicine, which he uses to heal his team mates. Struggling between pleasing the goddess Dhunia, and the psychotic father figure; Bones.  Despite his lack of emotional display, he cares deeply for his fellow Yargmates and adopted father Bones.
Born in the slums of Five Fingers, a young Ogrun boy had always had a knack for inventing. His attention inspired no respect for him, only greed and disdain. It was only when the Captain of an infamous crew found him and took him in that he had found a truly loving family. Infinitely grateful for the kindness the Captain had shown him, The Quartermaster; His rank and name known to all, repays that in loyalty to his captain and his crew. A stern man with rough edges and little capability for showing emotion, other than anger and annoyance; he is actually fiercely protective of his captain and crew. He cherishes everyone of them as brothers and sisters.
© Yargmates! 2015. Crista Barr/Artist Genie