Future updates
It may not seem like much right now, but Yargmates! is continuing to grow. Site updates for certain areas of interest are in progress; from character bios, artwork, and even comic pages! Our main Illustrator for it all does have some real life matters to attend to, so please try and keep patient. She is after all our only illustrator and has quite a bit to work on.  
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Copyrights Notice!
Iron Kingdoms, as well as the race, classes, and other properties were not created by us. The lore and places, and other respective properties belong to PrivateerPress. A link to their site has been provided on all pages at the bottom, all their rights are reserved to them. All characters and Illustrations; along with this website, are all inspiration from the table top game. Our actions, depictions of our characters, and version of lore are reserved to us. This is a fan based site. It’s sole purpose is to share our game play with others through the illustration contents provided.